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Hey all,

First off, I'm happy that there's a PCOS comm on DW. I'm a member of pcos and pcosupport on LJ, but they're not on DW, are they? ;)

I was wondering if any of you ascribe to a fat acceptance/health-at-every-size mindset and how you reconcile that with having PCOS?

I say "reconcile" because at least in my experience, a large focus of PCOS groups is on weight loss, whereas FA/HAES are more focused on being accepting of one's current weight and unofficially ban diet talk.

Story-time: My mother is overweight also and her trying different diets has been constant since I was a child. Five or six years ago, I got her and I to both join Weight Watchers. It went well for awhile and I lost 30 lbs over the course of a year and a half using the Points system, but by the end of it, I felt like I was starving all the time. I ended up just sort of slipping out off the program. I had a lot of frustration with the program despite my "success" and it basically put me off counting/keeping track of what I ate. This was also before I knew I had PCOS, so there was a lot of unexplained frustration at why I had such a difficult time losing weight.

Getting diagnosed with PCOS officially was a joy in that it explained all the weird stuff that was going on with my body, but it also seemed to magnify my pre-existing body image issues, especially in regards to weight. The fat acceptance movement and a loving, supportive partner have slowly been helping me to be more accepting and loving of my body, but I still seem to end up at an impasse of trying to lose weight to help my PCOS & knowing that it's extremely difficult vs. not giving a crap about weight loss and just trying to be happy and healthy at where I'm at.

Thoughts and discussion are super appreciated. :)


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